Occupational Health and Safety Courses

Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

Health and Safety in the Workplace means being aware of your own safety and the safety of the people around you!

Occupational Health and Safety requires skills in using machines and tools correctly and making proper use of protective equipment!

Introductory Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety – Half Day Course


Key health and safety issues to ensure workers maintain a low hazard environment

This course is ideally suited for

All employees who need training in awareness of basic health and safety issues. An essential part of any work experience programme

Foundation Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety – 1 Day Course


  • Staff awareness of health and safety risks
  • Appropriate use of tools and protective equipment
  • Support for businesses in meeting their legal obligation to ensure that employees are properly trained and protected at work

This course is ideally suited for

For those requiring a more detailed knowledge of health and safety issues for the workplace. Knowledge of regulations and legislation governing the maintenance of a safe working environment.

Intermediate Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety – 3 Day Course


  • Managers and supervisors with a thorough understanding of Health and Safety for the workplace
  • Supports the design and implementation of management procedures to ensure the safety of their workforce

This course is ideally suited for

Managers and supervisors in the workplace. Those responsible for compliance with all relevant legislation. Those responsible for planning, risk profiling and organisational implementation.