Food Safety Courses

Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

Initial training for those handling food for others - in any workplace

Training for managers, supervisors, small business owners or all staff handling high risk foods 

Preparation for your career in hospitality, retail or manufacturing

Introductory Certificate in Food Safety – Half Day Course


  • Why food safety is essential
  • The importance of good hygiene
  • How pests and contamination cause serious health risks and the necessary controls to manage them

This course is ideally suited for

New employees in low risk areas and students in schools.

Foundation Level Certificate in Food Safety – 1 Day Course


  • Minimum standards for the food industry
  • Staff development for food businesses
  • Training for self-employed food related small businesses
  • Builds on previous learning

This course is ideally suited for

Staff preparing or cooking food for consumers who must understand guidelines issued by the Food Standards Agency and how to meet these legal requirements.

Intermediate Certificate in Food Safety – 3 Day Course


  • The application and monitoring of good food safety practice
  • Implementation of food safety management procedures
  • Management and supervision of others

This course is ideally suited for

Managers or others supervising food preparation, processing or manufacturing. Those responsible for food safety management in retail areas. Those implementing food safety management systems and procedures. Those training others.

HACCP HAZARD and CRITICAL CONTROL POINTS courses for managers and supervisors in catering, retail and manufacturing

These courses offer support for the food operator in food safety management controls and maintaining a safe food environment that protects the consumer and satisfies inspectors

Foundation Certificate in HACCP

  • Introduction to food safety management
  • Reasons for implementing HACCP

Guidance for food operators implementing food safety management controls

Intermediate Certificate in HACCP

  • Making sure you meet your legal requirements
  • Minimizing risks

Guidance in documenting and monitoring your food safety system